How WOCH is made?

Everything starts with choosing the right wood. We are only using the best quality wood from local sawmills. After it arrives in our workshop, the best wood without any defects like gnarl is chosen for WOCH base. Then the base is cut to the right dimensions and ready for the next step.
When the base is cut to the right dimensions, it is ready to get rounded edges. The edges are done by machine, however every edge must be finished by hand to offer the best quality that machine can’t do. After the edges are done, the base also needs to get the space for wireless charging coil and electronics. This is done by special milling process which is fast and very precise.

Now it is time to connect cable with the base. First the cable hole has to be drilled. This is a very precise stage because allowed tolerance is only 0,1 mm. After this, it’s time to glue the cable to the base. When glue is dry the WOCH “hart” can be installed. From now one every WOCH is tested several times during the production to insure it works properly.