Driven by our passion for innovation, we founded Pedpac to create products that combine nature and technology in a quality design. Our first Qi wooden charging station WOCH was funded at 144% on Indiegogo in August 2017 and 199% funded on Kickstarter in April 2018. Following our 70 years family tradition of woodworking, we combined tradition with new technology. This means that every product is handcrafted to offer the best quality, using only local wood from sustainable sources. Our team is based in Slovenia (EU), where all the products are hand-crafted and shipped from. If you have any question or special request, please let us know! We love talking to you!


Did you know that 1 Kg of wood contains about 450 to 500 gm of Carbon? This means 1 Kg of wood is holding about 1.65 to 1.80 Kg of CO2. Wood is the only construction material which has absorbed CO2 from the atmosphere when produced and not emitted more during its production. Using wood is something we can all do to help the environment. By demanding and using more sustainable produced wood, we can ensure that more trees will be planted and more carbon dioxide will be absorbed from the atmosphere.


WOCH was funded at 144% on Indiegogo in August 2017



WOCH was 199% funded on Kickstarter in April 2018

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